The 10 years spent leading @126 created the springboard for a new and agile "agency style" architectural practice to be born, and OneTwoSix Architects came to fruition.

OneTwoSix is a professional services agency, lead by architects, and specializing in all facets of design, combining brand strategy, graphic design, interior design, and architecture with a keen business outlook. We are presently operational and active in South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania and Ethiopia.  Having worked extensively in Arfica as a whole, we have developed firm and fond relationships with many companies and individuals, as well as building a tight network of relationships with many specialists in all these countries - Makinhg implementation and collaboration easitly accesible to OneTwoSix in any project scope.

My approach is international in quality and pan-African in appropriateness – delivering world class solutions that are relevant, impactful and successful in their respective environments.


Nick Ristic'






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